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Imagine your ancestors thousands of years ago walking an average of 12 miles per day, just to locate enough food to survive for another day. Their primordial senses fully engaged and tuned into their environments in a way we can hardly imagine. We have pursued wellness for millennia. A healthier mind, body, and spirit. But thousands of years ago, our ancestors were closer to nature, not impartial observers off on the occasional hike, but experts whose very survival depended on knowing what plants could help you, make you sick, or even kill you.

Essential oils were our first medicine; nature’s pharmacy. Used by the Romans to treat wounded gladiators, a valuable asset in those days, these plant – based treatments worked so well, they were soon adopted by kings .

This ancient wellness tool is now available in a technologically – based , convenient form, utilizing good science to optimize blends and usage protocols. Introducing the wellness pod:

Never lose touch with nature again. Kinin pods enable us to bring nature with us, wherever we go, even if our destination is the concrete jungle. It’s not smoking. It’s not ‘vaping’, it’s more like ‘welling “ — utilizing the heated coil delivery system to interact with essential oils in a convenient, effective manner.

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