Black Pepper

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Origin: Madagascar
Method: Steam Distilled

Yep, that stuff that’s sitting on your kitchen table! Black pepper is one of the most frequently utilizes plants in modern cuisine, but its so much more than that!

Black pepper essential oil is routinely used for medicinal purposes as well as being used as a preservative. Peperine is the major active chemical component in black pepper, and it is a very powerful all-natural medicine.

The pepper tree is native to a small portion of India in the southwest portion of the country called Kerala.

The most significant benefits of black pepper include its antiseptic, antitoxin, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties. Black pepper has been shown in several studies regarding nicotine addition to dramatically reduce cravings in various test groups. Black pepper essential oil is a primary ingredient in KININ Switch, our blend designed to help customers leave smoking and vaping nicotine behind, using all natural aromatherapy techniques.

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