• What is Kava Kava and How Does It Work?

    Kava - or "kava kava" is a root that grows natively in the south pacific, and is formally known as "Piper methysticum." KININ sources all of its kava from the island of Vanuatu. View Post
  • Let's Talk About Terpenes!

    TERPINES? TERPENOIDS? ARE WE BEING INVADED BY ALIENS? WHAT IS THIS STUFF? Well, the good news is that you've probably already been immersed in them, and didn't even know it. You probably also enjoyed it. There's even better news, so keep reading. View Post
  • What, Why, and Who is KININ?

    ki·nin /kīnən/ noun 1. BIOCHEMISTRY - any of a group of substances formed in body tissue in response to injury. ... View Post