What, Why, and Who is KININ?

ki·nin /kīnən/ noun 1. BIOCHEMISTRY - any of a group of substances formed in body tissue in response to injury.


KININ began as a simple principle - Vapor technology has done great things for people who want a healthier alternative to smoking, and we think that’s awesome. But, what happens when we push the envelope and begin delivering material designed to enhance your life - to provide balance, focus, cognitive and respiratory benefits?



Over the last year, we’ve been carefully designing and crafting highly specialized vaporizable liquids that contain no addictive substances (nicotine or otherwise) and are designed to fit into today’s active lifestyles and busy schedules. We've taken every measure we can to ensure that all of our essential oil sources are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 


It's about you.

Critically important to our mission is to create products that help our customers. We want you to feel good, think clearly, feel balanced, and healthy. Make no mistake about it, KININ products contain all-natural ingredients that allow you to breath better air.

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  • Posted by Halina on

    Never heard of you. Is this like a cigarette but without the nicotine and replaced with herbal stuff instead? Is it supposed to benefit us as in be calm, more energy, recover from (physical, mental, emotional ???) problems. How many times a day can this be taken? Thanks.

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