Tea Tree

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Origin: Australia
Method: Steam Distilled

Tea Tree is probably an essential oil that you’re likely very familiar with. Due to itsimmunostimulant and antiseptic properties, It has gained a reputation […]


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Origin: Madagascar
Method: CO2 Total Extract

 Vanilla is produced from the vanilla orchid, its vines grow up to 300 ft and sprout greenish yellow flowers. These greenish […]


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Origin: Sri Lanka
Method: Steam Distilled

Clove was originally discovered  in Moluccas located near the “Spice Islands” in the East Indian Archipelago; modern day Indonesia. The spice […]

Star Anise

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Origin: India
Method: Steam Distilled

Familliar to some as a mild “licorice aroma”, Star anise is fruit grown from the flowers of small magnolia trees grown […]


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Origin: Indonesia
Method: CO2 Total Extract

Ginger is a both a culinary and medicinal plant, meaning that it is both delicious and useful! The predominant part of the plant […]


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Origin: Australia
Method: CO2 Total Extract

We’re all running at record pace, working harder than ever, and frequently this makes us feel stressed or overwhelmed. Sandalwood essential oil provides […]


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Origin: Morocco
Method: Steam Distilled

Cedarwood is often cited as the very first essential oils to ever have been steam distilled, and records from pre-biblical times show both […]


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Origin: USA
Method: Steam Distilled

Ahhh, the clean fresh citrusy scent of lemon. Lemon is one of the most diverse essential oils that is widely available. It can […]

Black Pepper

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Origin: Madagascar
Method: Steam Distilled

Yep, that stuff that’s sitting on your kitchen table! Black pepper is one of the most frequently utilizes plants in modern cuisine, but […]

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