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Origin: Morocco
Method: Steam Distilled

Cedarwood is often cited as the very first essential oils to ever have been steam distilled, and records from pre-biblical times show both the wood and oil were used various purposes including incense / aroma, Ayurvedic medicine, and the creation of cosmetics.

Cedarwood is a common ingredient in many modern medications and has been used to cure illnesses ranging from severe problems like arthritis to less severe things like hiccups, coughs and colds.  Exrtact from Cedarwood needles have been medically shown as having many different effects, including pain treatment, as well as antiseptic, expectorant and antioxidant capabilities. Ayurvedic practitioners have historically used preparations from Cedarwood to strenghten heart muscles, treat diabetes, treat urinary tract infections, reduce obesity, heal skin ailments, and to aid digestion.

The essential oils from the Himalayan Cedarwood tree have a strong and slightly musky scent, which is, well…woody. Cedarwood is present in KININ Indulge.

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