Eastern Holistic Medicine in the Modern Age

Eastern Holistic Medicine in the Modern Age: The Rise of Natural Traditional Healing in Modern Culture

Regardless of your stance on the prevailing debate of modern vs. holistic medicine, it can’t be argued that humans are opening themselves up more readily to the healing remedies that holistic medicines and ancient traditions are providing in the modern age. Many Americans are turning to Eastern traditional practices such as Meditation, Acupuncture, and Reiki healing. Essential oils have rapidly become a staple in most households.

Vietnam holds a particularly rich history with herbal remedies.  Ancient Vietnamese records credit the Buddhist monk Tue Tinh as the founder of Vietnamese medicine, considered the god of Vietnamese herbs. The holistic medicine practices born from the times of Tue Tinh, have revolutionized life-saving healthcare for their people.  The Vietnamese have a saying, “Doi Rau, Dau Thuoc” (when hungry, eat vegetables; when ill, take medical herbs), that reflects the value of traditional medicine that has continued to serve their culture well over thousands of years [1].

 The Kinin team had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, to experience these practices for ourselves. Many essential oils from our Kinin blends are sourced from Organic farms like the ones in rural Vietnam, where farmers grow and harvest many wild plants and herbs, extracting natural oils to create essential oils as we know them today. These remedies have been passed down through many generations of healing knowledge, and now the healing powers of essential oils are being shared with the world.

In the Northern mountains of Vietnam, lies a small town called Sa Pa. This beautiful rural region contains an abundance of forests with a multitude of wild plants and herbs that can be used in service of health care. These mountains are home to the Mông people, who have valuable medicinal knowledge of the plants they are surrounded by.  The Mông often use herbs found in the forest for healing baths and curing their wounds from home [2]. Recently, young Mông entrepreneurs have recognized the opportunity to bring their families out of poverty as they share their knowledge and remedies with the world, in perfect timing with the embrace of Eastern healing.

There is a sliding scale of Westerners who rely exclusively on holistic healing and eastern medicine, to families who blend holistic remedies with modern medicine as necessary, to people to discredit the benefits of ancient traditional healing all together. Regardless of your stance, Eastern traditions are becoming more and more prevalent. In the chaos and rush of everyday society, many Westerners have begun to open their minds and adapt these ancient practices into their modern lives. More people than ever are embracing the many benefits of essential oils for healing remedies, topical treatments, in cooking, or simple aromatherapy.  

Here at Kinin, we source our oils from farms like these in Vietnam, careful to use only the most natural ingredients. We are inspired by eastern medicine and holistic remedies from the Mông, and the long-standing traditional healing practices that this country holds.  We think the world can use a little less chaos, negativity, and judgement, and a little more stillness, peace, and positivity. We created our unique blends with this in mind. We’re hoping that blending this new age of open mindedness with the revitalization of Eastern traditions will promote a little more harmony in the world. No matter your experience or opinion, we hope you find healing however works for you.
Be well.



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