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  • How to Use
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Wellness Pods are not E-cigarettes
  • Hardware - Pods and Eco Battery
  • Retail
    • Simple – just press the button, breathe in gently through your mouth, and exhale through your nose. While all KININ Wellness blends are safe to inhale into the lungs, the product will be more effective if you inhale into your mouth, hold briefly, and exhale through your nose. This will maximize contact between the plant terpenes in our product with your olfactory and limbic system, producing the best effect.
    • You can read more on our “how to use page” and watch a short video here:
    • Charging - If your light blinks while using your Eco, it needs to be charged soon. While connected to a charging source, the logo on the button will glow solid red. Depending on the state you connected the Eco to the charging source in, you may need to press the button 5 times to turn it back on.
    • Storage - KININ pods contain all natural botanicals and when they are not in use, should be stored in a cool, dry place (room temperature). The battery should be stored in similar conditions to increase longevity.
    • The contents of our botanical liquid are 20% essential oils, and 80% kosher, palm-derived, pharma-grade vegetable glycerin. The essential oils used in each KININ blend can be found on their respective pages here:
    • Concentration of essential oils in our pods: Each wellness pod is comprised of 20% essential oil blends,  and 80% palm-derived vegetable glycerin. Each breath is approximately .005ml. The danger typically associated with concentrated essential oil usage is not present with KININ products.
  • KININ Eco is a modern, portable aromatherapy wellness diffuser that contains only essential oils, palm-derived vegetable glycerin, and water. On the other hand, E-Cigarettes are defined by the FDA as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, or “ENDS.” There is no nicotine in our pods. All of our blends are completely free of:

    • nicotine
    • tobacco
    • artificial flavors
    • diacetyl or other flavoring enhancers.

    You can refer to The Eco and pods as a “vaporizer” if you choose, as it is effectively vaporizing essential oils, botanicals, and vegetable glycerin. Since that term, and the shortened version “vape” typically refer to nicotine products, we utilize the more appropriate term “personal diffuser” instead.

    • Each pod lasts approximately 450 breaths, which, with recommended usage, is about 30 days. Using the product more frequently will shorten that timeframe.
    • Please consult our Store locator for a location near you. We are constantly adding retail locations.
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