Get Well: Essential Oils to Relieve Cold Symptoms

Essential oils are an effective method to help relieve cold symptoms.

Using essential oils to relieve cold symptoms has been practiced throughout history as part of plant medicine. Cold and flu season is creeping back around, and there’s nothing quite like a runny nose, stuffy head, and body aches to make you desperate for relief and willing to try anything.

Essential oils offer an appealing, all-natural alternative to over-the-counter options that often come with side effects.

KININ Recover contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial essential oils

First of all, let us preface this by saying essential oils shouldn’t replace traditional medical care. Although they can certainly help relieve certain symptoms, it’s always a good idea to get a doctor’s opinion on what ails you.  If what you’re suffering from is bacterial instead of viral, antibiotics may be necessary to put you back on the path of wellness. However, stocking up on essential oils to relieve cold symptoms can help alleviate symptoms.

Fight back against the common cold

When it comes to cold and flu season, your best bet is to be proactive. The common cold occurs when a virus attacks the respiratory system, and is mainly spread through airborne germs and personal contact. On average, adults catch colds two to three times a year, and incidences increase in children. Although symptoms generally clear up in seven to ten days, complications can lead to more serious issues like bronchitis or pneumonia.

Do your best to avoid germs by:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Avoiding people who are ill
  • Not touching your mouth, nose, or face
  • Cleaning the frequently-touched surfaces in your home

You can still catch a cold despite taking all of the recommended precautions, so be prepared by adding essential oils to your medicine cabinet to help combat cold symptoms.

Essential oils are plant medicine.
Add essential oils to your medicine cabinet to help alleviate cold symptoms.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as congestion, headaches, body aches, or fatigue, consider the following essential oils for relief.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The mentholated aroma of eucalyptus is widely used to relieve congestion. If you’re battling a stuffy nose or congestion in your chest, use several drops of eucalyptus oil in a diffuser, hot bath, or in a vaporizer to help open airways. A KININ Recover Wellness Pod can offer an even more direct impact to the olfactory system.

Eucalyptus is one of the most commonly used essential oils in medicine.
Eucalyptus oil can help relieve congestion.

For body aches, applying a few drops to a hot or cold compress can help provide relief.

Lavender Essential Oil

Being sick is stressful, and although you’re often exhausted as a result, it can still be hard to fall asleep. Lavender is known to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. Add a few drops to a spray bottle full of water and mist your bed linens or to a room diffuser near your bed to inspire feelings of restfulness. KININ Sexy leads with lavender as a main ingredient.

Lavender oil is known for its stress-reducing properties.
Spritz a few drops of diluted lavender oil on sheets for a restful sleep.

Lavender can also help relieve congestion, making it a multi-purpose option.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is another multi-tasker. Its strong mentholated scent can help clear up airways while also alleviating fatigue. Adding a few drops to a bowl of hot water and inhaling deeply can help cure a stuffy nose or chest congestion.

Peppermint oil can help relieve nausea.
Peppermint oil can help relieve nausea.

Peppermint oil is also often used to help cure upset stomachs or nausea. Apply two or three drops to a cotton ball or wash cloth and breathe in as needed.


Due to its antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant properties, frankincense is a natural choice for fighting colds.

Frankincense is a powerful decongestant.
Frankincense is a powerful decongestant.

Adding frankincense to a diffuser is a great way to take advantage of its powerful decongestant properties, and a few drops in a hot bath will relieve aches while clearing your sinuses. Frankincense is a main ingredient in KININ Meditate.

When it comes to the common cold, getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and treating your symptoms are among the best remedies available. Using essential oils to relieve cold symptoms is an easy, enjoyable, and natural way to get well soon.

At KININ, our focus is on your health and wellness. Add our Recover and Meditate wellness pods to your first aid arsenal to help combat cold symptoms.

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