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Happy Holidays: Gifts for Self-Care

Gift Giving Experience
Give the gift of self-care this holiday season.

Check out our list of helpful holiday gifts for self-care this season.

A lack of time and an abundance of stress are feelings that everyone is familiar with, and these uncomfortable states of being are amplified during the holiday season. When you’re constantly busy, worried or, even worse, in borderline fight-or-flight mode, it’s hard to conquer the inner chaos for long enough to invest in the time and tools that can help. Give your loved ones an excuse to enjoy and indulge with holiday gifts for self-care.

Life’s little luxuries

There’s something delightful about receiving an extravagant gift. In this case, extravagance doesn’t have to equal expense — it’s more about the type of frivolity most people enjoy but feel guilty about spending money on. Things like kitchen gadgets that are helpful but not essential, scented candles, a plush throw blanket, thick towels, good quality coffee, a portable aromatherapy diffuser, soft pajamas, or anything else that would feel like a treat to receive.

Throw pillow and slippers
Extravagant gifts don’t have to be expensive.

A helping hand

Help relieve some of life’s little burdens with a gift that serves a bigger purpose. Think of some of the gift recipients personal challenges and solve a problem for them: a portable charger, helpful travel items like packing cubes, a sturdy phone case, a gift certificate to a meal subscription or food delivery service, or a car detailing or house cleaning — all ideas that would bring some people immense relief.

Car Wash
A practical gift like a car wash can be a special treat.

Tools for relaxation

Whether it’s a little time to unwind or goods to help us do so, everyone needs time to renew and relax in order to be the best version of themselves. Help make it happen with presents like bath bombs, CBD products, a multi-pack of face masks, comfy bedding, an e-reader, a soothing sound machine, a good book, or a few bottles of a favorite beverage.

KININ Meditate Bath Bombs
Give the gift of relaxation.

Amusing diversions

Every once in a while, you just need a distraction to help you refocus on what’s important (tip: finding time to enjoy life is what’s important). Wrap up a video or board game, tickets to a show, movie, or sporting event, a Bob Ross-style painting kit, or something that’s just plain old silly fun. Let an inner child out to play with a gift that will deliver joy.

Take your gift-giving to the next level by presenting a self-care experience that can help your loved ones find a few moments of peace and happiness in our busy world.

Gift the gift of good scents and relaxation with KININ’s portable aromatherapy delivery system.

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