Ingredient Feature: Clary Sage

Learn more about the benefits of clary sage as an essential oil.

Clary sage. It sounds like the name of some quirky yet plucky bohemian hippie heroine in a popular young adult novel, right? It should be, if it’s not already. But clary sage is actually an attractive flowering herb that originated in the Mediterranean Basin and has a wide range of purported benefits, making it a popular aromatherapy ingredient.

Clary Sage field
Clary sage is a flowering shrub and has a wide range of uses.

Incorporate clary sage into your arsenal of essential oils to reduce stress, boost your mood, soothe skin, or act as an antibacterial agent — or just because it smells good, which is all the reason you need.

The many uses of clary sage

Despite having a cool name to begin with, clary sage is also known as Salvia sclarea and “clear eye” or “bright eye” because one of its traditional uses included serving as a treatment for eye health. It’s also referred to as “the woman’s oil” due to its historic uses in treating symptoms of female-related issues, such as menstruation or menopause. Clary comes from the latin word, “clarus” which means “clarifying” or “cleansing.”

Clary sage has a clean, refreshing scent and many different parts of the plant can be used, including leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. Aside from being used in natural medicine practices, it’s also used in cosmetics, and as a spice. Clary sage has been used throughout history for a variety of reasons, including the following.

Stress relief

Aromatherapy is often celebrated as a technique for stress reduction. The olfactory system has a direct connection with the area of your brain responsible for controlling emotions, so it makes sense that certain fragrances could influence your mood.

In a small study that measured the effects of inhaling clary sage, lavender, or almond (as the control group), results showed that the participants that breathed in clary sage before a stressful event had lower blood pressure and respiration rate than those who did not.

Clary sage for stress relief.
Research shows that clary sage may be helpful in reducing symptoms of stress.

Another study concluded that clary sage had a similar effect as dopamine, the feel-good hormone, and may be helpful in elevating the mood of those who experience depression.

Antibacterial effects

Many essential oils are claimed to have antibacterial properties, and clary sage is among them. A 2015 study demonstrated that clary sage was effective against all strains of bacteria tested and significantly reduced the growth of e.coli.

Clary sage acts as an antibacterial agent.
Clary sage has been proven to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Additional research indicated that some of its components may work as an anti-fungal.

Cosmetic benefits

Used topically, clary sage essential oil has cooling properties that can reduce inflammation and soothe rashes. Clary sage stabilizes the natural production of oil and sebum and can be effectively used as an astringent or toner for both oily and dry skin.

Clary sage has a cleansing, calming effect and a range of uses, making it a valuable ingredient in the practice of aromatherapy. At KININ, it’s an important component of our Relax blend, and provides a refreshing fragrance and a restorative boost to your day — making that mental image of a bold bohemian heroine who steps in to solve complicated plot issues a little more real.

Improve your daily routine by incorporating KININ’s line of aromatherapy products.

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