Citrus aurantium




CO2 Total Extract

Bergamot may look like a tiny, funny shaped lime, but its much more than that. Known formally as “Citrus Bergamia,” this fruit grows mostly in Mediterranean climates and is named after the Italian city of Bergamo, where the trade of bergamot oil originated.

Bergamot can have an immense effect on the digestive system, promoting digestive enzyme secretion, which helps the overall digestive process. Bergamot hs also historically been used as an anti-microbial and pain reliever. Additional benefits include relief from anxiety and stress, as the various terpenes in the rind of this fruit promote both serotonin and dopamine production, making it a mild sedative.

Bergamot can also be used to help relieve congestion, reduce fever, and boost skin and hair health. Bergamot essential oil is present in KININ Meditate Wellness Pods.

Pods Including This Ingredient

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