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Clove was originally discovered in Moluccas located near the “Spice Islands” in the East Indian Archipelago; modern day Indonesia. The spice grew in popularity around the world when it was introduced to the East India Company in the 19th century. Most cloves today are harvested in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies. A clove is the dried up unopened flower bud of the Syzygium Acromaticum tree – a medium sized evergreen tree that grow up to 10 – 12 meters. When flower buds become fresh and green and they can be sun dried to further become dark brown and becoming what we call cloves. These flower buds are small spirally brown pods about 1.5 – 2 centimeters long which can be very aromatic. Cloves have been one of the most valuable spices traded around the world. Cloves is now readily available for everybody to enjoy for its aroma and health benefits.

Cloves have been used for oral health for centuries, one of the earliest references to the use of cloves is in China, people would put cloves in the back of their mouths to clean their breaths before speaking to Emperors. In a 1996 study by the “Journal of Natural Products” found that cloves greatly help oral health and prevent oral cavities. Cloves have amazing flavor/aroma properties and impactful health benefits due to the compound eugenol found in them. Eugenol is found to contain antiseptic and anesthetic properties. A study from Miguel Hernandez University found that cloves are rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. These antioxidants can greatly help aid in the prevention of cancer cells. In addition a 2009 study by the “Journal of Medical Microbiology” found that cloves had anti-fungal properties and have the ability to prevent infections in our bodies. A 2012 study by the “Journal of Natural Medicines’ discovered that cloves has the ability to help lower blood glucose level and has the potential to help combat against type-2 diabetes. In a 2013 study published by the “International Journal of Green Pharmacy” found that cloves were high in antioxidants helping promote healthy bodily tissue. Cloves is a great mix with vanilla and star anise used in Kinin’s Crave wellness pod.

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