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Santalum austrocaledonicum




CO2 Total Extract

We’re all running at record pace, working harder than ever, and frequently this makes us feel stressed or overwhelmed. Sandalwood essential oil provides a solid foundation for stress reduction, and has a warm earthy quality to it.

Santalum, the sandalwood tree grows natively in South Asia, Oceania, and the South Pacific. The tree can grow to be over 30 feet tall! Sandalwood is a wonderful essential oil for stress relief with its ability to relieve migraines, provide clarity, and improve sleep quality. Sandalwood is a foundstone of religious and cultural traditions in most Eastern nations, and continues to be, prized in this part of the world for its healing properties.

The sandalwood tree is considered sacred in India, being used in a variety of religious ceremonies and traditions. The Egyptians held sandalwood was held in such high regard that it was only accessible to the wealthy. Sandalwood trees are protected in India and are only able to be harvested under supervision and special circumstances. This is largely due to the fact that the trees take over 60 years to fully mature, and many of the trees have been illegally harvested, damaging the environment.

Sandalwood essential oil can come in several different forms, depending on the portion of the tree that is cultivated for oil production. Because of the somewhat delicate nature of sandalwood, extraction is typically limited to steam distillation only.

Sandalwood essential oil effectively fights bacterial infections, can reduce inflammation, and can act as a  skin clearing agent, as well as acting as a cognitive booster.

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