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Ylang Ylang

Cananga odorata




Steam Distilled

In spite of its difficult spelling and pronunciation (EE-lang EE-lang), Ylang Ylang is an extremely popular essential oil throughout the world. It has been used for centuries in The East, including China, Indonesia and surrounding countries. Ylang Ylang is now very popular around the world due to it’s antiseptic and anti-depressant properties. It can help relieve stress, because it has sedative like properties.

Ylang Ylang is commonly found in cosmetic products and fragrances, and the oil can be used in a diffuser to provide a fresh aroma. This oil is safe to apply to the skin when used with a carrier oil, and ylang ylang can be used in a bath to assist in depression and anxiety relief, and also inflammation reduction.

The reason that ylang ylang is popular for anxiety relief is its the ability to relax the body while boosting one’s mood. Certain people believe that ylang ylang is also a mild aphrodisiac. All of these properties make it a perfect primary ingredient in our KININ Meditate blend.

Pods Including This Ingredient

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