Learn through Travel: Explore your World

The world is your classroom, and life is the best teacher you could ever hope to have. The human experience is rich with lessons that add color, depth, texture, and intensity to our relatively short time here on earth.

The best education often happens through exploration and discovery, so expand your horizons both literally and metaphorically and learn through travel.

Learn about the world through travel
Travel inspires courage, curiosity, and confidence.

Travel isn’t simply a luxury, it’s a tool to help you develop or retain a sense of adventure, social flexibility, and a greater understanding of yourself and others. There’s a lot to learn through travel – about art, history, geography, architecture, communities, people, and your own personality.

Exploring new destinations doesn’t have to involve jet-setting around Mediterranean islands either – borrow some camping gear, pack a bag, and hit the road, if you’re low on funds.

Can’t take the time off of work? Research local attractions and commit to a series of day trips. The point is that changing your view and your circumstances has a way of changing your perspective.

Experience the unspoken benefits of exploring our world and develop a deeper sense of appreciation for life through adventure.

A World of Learning

Enjoy new views.
Expand your horizons and change your perspective through travel.

Facing new challenges and experiencing the unfamiliar keeps us malleable. People often become inflexible as they age – and not just physically. Avoid becoming fearful, set in your ways, or rigid about your beliefs by exposing yourself to new situations and people as often as possible.

Other under appreciated benefits of travel include:

The practice of patience: Although it seems on the surface that vacation is all about pleasure, travel involves a lot of patience. The value of delayed gratification is an important lesson to learn through travel. From saving money in order to meet travel budget goals to the actual act of waiting in airports, traffic, or venue lines, travel forces you to slow down in different ways. Make it a meditative experience despite the commotion that surrounds you by learning to enjoy the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Learn patience through travel
Find the joy in planning and anticipation.

Appreciation for adaptability: Sometimes travel isn’t exactly comfortable – and that’s good for you. Being able to adapt to new circumstances is vital to your health and well-being, and personal challenges help you practice that skill.  Travel can be unpredictable; work on viewing setbacks or inconveniences as a challenge that supports personal growth. Use your creative problem-solving skills or simply embrace a new point of view and accept that you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the unexpected. Learn from discomfort and celebrate adaptability.

Travel can be unpredictable
Find adventure in the unexpected — and uncomfortable — aspects of travel.

A fresh take on curiosity: From practicing your map-reading skills to learning local history, there are so many legitimate learning experiences to be gained through travel. Exercise the elasticity of your brain by truly immersing yourself in your surroundings: try new food, attempt the language, research landmarks, and get lost on purpose for the simple of joy of discovery.

Nurture your intellectual curiosity by talking to locals and asking questions of museum docents or tour guides. Step out of your comfort zone and interact with others openly, authentically, and with a true sense of interest in what you may have to offer each other.

Talk to locals and other travelers.
Interact authentically with others and enjoy the experience of connection.

Travel offers many benefits, but one of the greatest gifts it has to give is confidence. Once you’ve budgeted, planned your route, overcome logistical obstacles, embraced curiosity and accepted the unexpected, you’ll have a greater appreciation for your strength, resilience, and the memories you made along the way.

Vacation isn’t just an excuse for rest and relaxation – it’s a series of learning opportunities that a traditional classroom could never offer. Escape from your normal routine, expand your horizons, and challenge yourself to appreciate a new view of the world and a better understanding of who you are as a person.

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