Midday Wake-up Call: Afternoon Energy Boosters

Fight back against the late afternoon slump with natural energy boosters to save the day.

As many of us know, just because a day begins with energy, enthusiasm, and a high level of efficiency, doesn’t mean it will end that way. No matter how good your intentions are, late afternoon always seems to roll around to crash the productivity party. You can get eight hours of sleep every night, eat perfectly balanced meals, exercise every day, and still suffer from the dreaded mid-day slump. How can you beat this daily drought of afternoon energy?

Step away from the latte

First of all, it’s important to understand that this issue is completely normal and part of a biological function – it’s not a sign of laziness or a lack of motivation. Circadian rhythms are the body’s natural clock and send out sleep signals that work to make sure our body gets enough rest. Unfortunately, our traditional schedule doesn’t always sync up with our body’s inherent rhythms. As a result, two o’clock rolls around and you may find yourself unable to concentrate on anything other than an afternoon nap.

A mid-day energy slump is a natural part of your biological clock.
Natural biological rhythms are to blame for that midday slump.

It’s tempting to grab some coffee or a sugary snack for a quick rush of energy, but that may just compound your problems later in the day. Fix late afternoon fatigue with one of the following natural solutions instead:

Get moving

Although it seems counterintuitive, expending some energy through light exercise can help revive you. Take a quick walk, run up and down the stairs, do some simple stretches at your desk, or hit the gym during your lunch hour to break up the monotony of your day while getting your blood pumping.

Taking a quick break to exercise can energize you.
A quick walk or stretch session can help energize your body.

Fuel your body

Make sure you stay properly hydrated. A large glass of ice water can help revive you, and a healthy snack like fresh fruit, trail mix, or peanut butter crackers can give you a carb-protein combo that translates into an easy energy boost.

A healthy snack like fruit, trail mix, or peanut butter crackers can revive your energy levels.
Fuel your body with healthy foods when you feel like you’re in need of a boost.

Just breathe

Taking a moment for mindful breathing can help relieve stress and reset your mood when you find yourself becoming grumpy and distracted. Put on some headphones and check out a five-minute guided meditation app. Aromatherapy is another great option – peppermint or citrus smells are effective at increasing energy and focus. Stepping outside with a personal essential oil diffuser can give you a break and the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy all at once.

Meditation or breathing exercises can boost your energy levels.
A few cleansing breaths can help revitalize your day.

Add some light

Stepping out into the sunshine can revitalize you, so open some blinds or step outside and soak in the sun for a moment. Melatonin (which helps you sleep) can’t be produced in bright light, so find some brightness just before the time of day you normally find yourself experiencing an energy slump.

Use light therapy to combat sleepiness by stepping into the sunshine for a mid afternoon break.
It’s harder for the body to feel sleepy when exposed to bright light, so let the sunshine in.

Rock out

Listening to music can provide a natural energy boost, so get out your earbuds and switch on your favorite play list as the desire to nap begins to creep in. Choose something that improves your mood or has a strong, loud beat to get back on task.

Turn on your favorite playlist to improve your mood and your energy levels.
Find energy through your favorite playlist.

A late afternoon slump is often inevitable, but recognizing your body’s natural patterns and finding ways to increase your energy can help prevent a total derailment of your day. Put on some headphones, step into the sunshine, take a deep breath, and get back to work with confidence that you’ll successfully make it through the day. 

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