KININ began as a simple principle...

Deliver all of the benefits of an essential oil diffuser that fits in your pocket, while maximizing the positive health effects that specific essential oils have. Create a positive experience that helps our customers feel the way they want to. 

KININ products push the envelope by combining Ayurvedic breathing techniques with essential oil blends that are designed to help our customers focus more easily, relax, and recover from physical or environmental strain. We meticulously design and craft highly specialized vaporizable liquids that contain no addictive substances (nicotine or otherwise) and are designed to fit into today’s active lifestyles and busy schedules. 


Critically important to our mission is to create products that help our customers. We want you to feel good, think clearly, feel balanced, and healthy. Make no mistake about it, KININ products only contain ingredients that are designed to positively impact your well being. Finding the balance between something that is highly bioactive and tastes great is a core KININ goal. This is why all of our ingredients are derived from natural AND synthesized sources like:





We want to make things that are good for you AND good for the environment. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Wherever possible, we use materials in our product, packaging, and marketing that are either reusable or recyclable. Stay tuned for more details on our "diffuser swap" program.