KININ is the world’s first bioactive aromatherapy company. We make personal, portable essential oil diffusers that you can take with you anywhere you go. Our products contain specific, exotic essential oils fused with palm derived, kosher vegetable glycerin to produce the most potent, delicious breathing experience we can.
Each blend is different, and they are listed on each product page. Some of the ingredients we use include: narrow leaf eucalyptus, peppermint, clary sage, cinnamon, tangerine, kava kava, valerian root, copaiba, etc.
Anyone, really. We recommend that women who are pregnant or nursing, or people who have specific allergic reactions to any of our listed ingredients avoid our products. There is no age requirement, but if you’re under 18, you should check with your parents.
All of our ingredients are sourced from various exotic locations around the world. For example, the Kava Kava in KININ Relax is grown in Vanuatu, while the Cinnamon in KININ Focus is sourced from Sri Lanka.
In pretty much every way. The only similarity is that a liquid is being vaporized. KININ products do not contain any nicotine, propelyne glycol, or artificial flavors. They’re all natural.
Nope. None. Zero. Zilch.
Absolutely not. Our products are intended to be health conscious, and diacetyl (also known as butanedione or butane-2,3-dione) is a potentially dangerous compound.
Right here, at /, or via amazon.
We found that certain people have allergies to PG, so all of our blends only contain palm derived, kosher vegetable glycerin.
We recommend approximately 5 deep breaths of whatever mood you are trying to attain. See how you feel. More won’t hurt.
This answer varies depending on the blend. For instance, recover can immediately clear your sinuses and sooth a sore throat, KININ Relax takes a few minutes, and KININ Focus takes about 20 minutes.
Absolutely. All plants inside. We love animals and we don’t inhale them.
Occasionally our products are damaged in transit. If this happens, please mail it back to us and shoot a quick email to with your contact information, and we will send you a replacement unit.