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KININ Crave Wellness Pod


$13.50 (With Auto-Ship)

A 5-star potpourri of gourmet ingredients that you’ll be able to experience from across the room.


Craving savory and sweet aromas, but don’t want to go “full donut”? KININ Crave provides all of the sensory experience with none of the calories, helping to curb bad diet habits. Gently breathe in the scents of vanilla from Madagascar combined with star anise, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, coconut, and a hint of clove.

  • Vanilla

    Vanilla planifolia

    Origin: Madagascar

    Method: CO2 Total Extract

  • Clove

    Eugenia caryophyllata

    Origin: Sri Lanka

    Method: Steam Distilled

  • Star Anise

    Illicium verum

    Origin: India

    Method: Steam Distilled

KININ Crave Wellness Pod
Crave Also Includes:

Ginger, Cardamom, Coconut, Nutmeg

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