Reviving like the spice laden Autumn air, let this beautifully curated blend restore and energize. Lavished with warming cinnamon Spice, harmonized with nootropics and bursting with luscious citrus essential oils, KININ Focus is a bouquet of the most exquisite organic ingredients from sustainable gardens in exotic locations. All essential oils in KININ focus are USDA certified organic. INGREDIENTS Commonly referred to as “cognitive enhancers” or “smart drugs”, nootropics improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, creativity, or motivation. Natural nootropics include plants like panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba. Kinin Focus contains oxiracetam, which is generally considered safe, even when consumed in large amounts. Cinnamon – One of the world’s original aphrodisiacs, cinnamon bark essential oil increases circulation and acts as a mild, natural stimulant. In several studies, cinnamon has been found to increase brain function and assist with weight loss. Tangerine Essential Oils – Bright and delicious, tangerine essential oil simultaneously acts as a natural antiseptic, while stimulating the generation of new cells in the body (Cytophylactic). It is also considered a depurative, helping with the removal of foreign pollutants in the body. HOW TO USE Simply take your diffuser out of the packaging, remove the mouthpiece protector, and breathe. For the best experience, try 4 to 5 full ayurvedic breathing cycles (inhale using your mouth, and breathe out through your nose). This will maximize contact with your olfactory system and produce the strongest effect.