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KININ Focus Wellness Pod with Cinnamon, Cacao, and Tangerine


$13.50 (With Auto-Ship)

Natural mental clarity and energy. Perfect instead of coffee (or with coffee).


Reviving, like the spice-laden Autumn air. Let this beautifully curated blend restore and energize. Lavished with warming cinnamon, harmonized with cacao, cardamom, and bursting with luscious citrus essential oils, KININ Focus is a bouquet of the most exquisite organic ingredients from sustainable gardens in exotic locations.

  • Cacao

    Theobroma cacao

    Origin: France

    Method: CO2 Total Extract

  • Tangerine

    Citrus reticulata

    Origin: USA

    Method: Cold Pressed

  • Cinnamon Bark

    Cinnamomum cassia

    Origin: Sri Lanka

    Method: CO2 Select Extract

KININ Focus Wellness Pod
Focus Also Includes:


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