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KININ Relax Pod with Chamomile, Copaiba, Lemon, and Frankincense


$13.50 (With Auto-Ship)

Put on your favorite low-key music and wind down without drugs or alcohol.


Essentially relax as you breath the warmth of a tranquil breeze blowing through palm trees, picking up the scent of exotic florals as it sweeps gently through the bed of a tropical forest.

  • Lemon

    Citrus limon

    Origin: USA

    Method: Steam Distilled

  • Chamomile

    Anthemis nobilis

    Origin: Germany

    Method: CO2 Total Extract

  • Copaiba

    Copaifera officinalis

    Origin: Brazil

    Method: Steam Distilled

KININ Relax Wellness Pod
Relax Also Includes:


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