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KININ Switch Wellness Pods contain black pepper, spruce, and lemon which have been proven to help users overcome a nicotine addiction


$13.50 (With Auto-Ship)

Leave tobacco and nicotine behind with this ultra-satisfying blend of natural essential oils.


You took the time and effort to use your nicotine vape to quit smoking – nice work! Now it’s time for phase 2. You don’t need that thing. Switch to all natural essential oils with KININ Switch. This blend contains black pepper, spruce, rosemary, clary sage, organic lemon, and a touch of tea tree for that slight bite that will get you going.

  • Lemon

    Citrus limon

    Origin: USA

    Method: Steam Distilled

  • Black Pepper

    Piper nigrum

    Origin: Madagascar

    Method: Steam Distilled

  • Spruce

    Picea mariana

    Origin: Canada

    Method: Steam Distilled

KININ Switch Wellness Pod
Switch Also Includes:

Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Rosemary

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