KININ Crave Wellness Pod is used with the world’s first rechargeable, reusable personal essential oil diffuser, the KININ Eco. This is the next generation of personal aromatherapy products / diffuser pens. It represents the fusion between science and lifestyle, enabling you to experience the 6000 year old art of aromatherapy anywhere you go, and breathe better air.

Our blends contain all natural botanicals and exotic essential oils, sourced from some of the most remote locations on earth. We use the finest USDA certified Organic oils from around the world to help enhance your mind and your mood.

Craving savory and sweet aromas, but don’t want to go “full donut”? KININ Crave is your game, providing all of the sensory experience with none of the calories. Gently breathe in the scents of vanilla from Madagascar combined with star anise, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, coconut, and a hint of clove.