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What are KININ Wellness Pods?

KININ Wellness Pods® are blends of exotic essential oils that fit in our KININ Eco personal aromatherapy diffuser. These various therapeutic blends are emulsified in palm-derived vegetable glycerin. When the pods are activated and heated, these blends leave the diffuser in a terpene-rich vapor format.
KININ Wellness Pods are intended for a luxurious aromatherapy experience. They do not contain nicotine, propelyene glycol, artificial flavors or ingredients, tobacco, THC, vitamin E acetate or any other additives.
Every ingredient that goes into our products is healthy, tested for safety and efficacy, and all natural.

Wellness Pods are Safe.

KININ Wellness Pods are safe when used as directed. We encourage people to use Wellness Pods 3-4 times per day, taking 3-5 gentle breaths with each use. Our pods are designed to be pulled in through your mouth and immediately exhaled through your nose. Wellness Pods should not be inhaled into your lungs, as this is the least effective way of experiencing aromatherapy, and effectively all you will be receiving is a small amount of terpenes, reducing the overall effectiveness of the product. Used properly, most users will experience a pleasant effect within a few minutes of utilizing the product.

People frequently ask us about:

  • Concentration of the essential oils in each blend: It is true that utilizing concentrated essential oils improperly is a dangerous practice. All of our blends are comprised of an 80% organic, palm-derived vegetable glycerin base and 20% total essential oil content, which creates the optimal personal aromatherapy experience. The oils are never combusted or burned, so the risk of secondary compound creation is non-existent.


  • Quantity of essential oils in each breath: It is important to know how much botanical aroma you are ingesting. Each breath from a KININ Wellness Pod is approximately .0045% essential oil.


  • Heating essential oils: While the heating of essential oils in a pen in order to create a therapeutic personal aromatherapy experience is new, the concept is not. For 6000+ years, people have been practicing aromatherapy by heating botanicals and essential oils. Use cases range from the preparation of natural medicine to what we commonly view as modern aromatherapy. The personal aromatherapy market is growing, and there are a number of devices that utilize excessive heat and cotton wicks in order to produce botanical vapor. KININ has instead taken the position that low temperatures with high-resistance, high-quality ceramic coils produce a much safer, enjoyable aromatherapy experience.


  • Breathing in essential oils: For thousands of years, people have been breathing in essential oils. They have been inhaling them into their lungs, wafting them, wearing them, or utilizing them in food products. Breathing in essential oils is the essence of aromatherapy, whether you’re performing this action in  an ultrasonic room-based diffuser (concentrated), reeds, or a KININ Eco. Although it is safe to do so, we do not recommend inhaling KININ aromatherapy products directly into your lungs, because, put simply, that’s not how aromatherapy works. Our products are significantly more effective when held in your mouth briefly and exhaled through your nose.

Wellness Pods are Not e-Cigarettes

KININ Wellness Pods are miniature aromatherapy diffusers. They vaporize essential oil blends and release aromatic vapor to provide all the benefits of aromatherapy. Our products are designed for adults who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle and understand the basic concepts of aromatherapy / essential oils.

In contrast, E-Cigarettes are defined as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. Wellness Pods are entirely nicotine free, free of all additives, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, nicotine, propelyene glycol, vitamin E acetate, and other compounds used in E-cigarettes.

Further distinguishing us from e-cigarettes are several other attributes, including:

  • Ingredients. KININ Wellness Pods utilize only high quality essential oils, sourced from reputable growers around the world.
  • Heating mechanism and temperature. The temperature of KININ Wellness Pods is very low in contrast to traditional e-cigarettes or “vapes". The reason for this is that our goal is to preserve the terpenes that are present in various botanical compounds and thus maximize the aromatherapy benefit of the product.
  • Goal of the product -  KININ Wellness Pods are intended to support a healthy lifestyle by providing an all-natural aromatherapy experience.
KININ Wellness Pods make the 6000 year old practice of aromatherapy accessible in a modern, convenient form factor.
KININ Eco Wellness Pod Diffuser - Essential Oils and Portable Aromatherapy


Unlike many products on the market, The KININ Eco is a world-class, high quality personal diffuser that is designed to last. Because we are dedicated to being an enviromentally friendly company, we do not make or sell disposable battery products, and our pods are recyclable at any mixed-use recycling facility. All of the heating coils that we use are ceramic, and heat our botanical liquid to between 215 and 225 degrees. You can read more about the KININ Eco here.


All of our various blends are created in the United States using thoroughly tested essential oils sourced from reputable farms, distilleries, and growers. All of the oils we use are non-GMO, have a batch-specific certificate of analysis (COA) and an accompanying safety data sheet (SDS).

All of the essential oils that are used in any of our wellness pod blends are either steam distilled, co2 extracted, or cold pressed. These oils are used to create KININ’s proprietary essential oil blends, which are emulsified in a pharmaceutical grade certified organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin base.

Each KININ Wellness Pod blend features three prominent ingredients that describe the flavor and scent profile of that individual blend. Some blends have as many as 15 different ingredients. Each is different.

A comprehensive list of the essential oil ingredients we use is available. Please note, if you are allergic to any essential oil, or any of our ingredients, please either avoid using that specific blend, or contact us for more information prior to purchase.


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