Smell Good: Aromatherapy Health and Wellness Benefits

Adding essential oils into your daily routine can improve your overall health and wellness.

Humans are sensory creatures who appreciate life’s little pleasures, such as a beautiful view, soft textiles, good music, delicious food, or pleasing aromas. A fragrant room creates a nice environment, but aromatherapy is so much more than that. It is a health and wellness tool.

Although it seems like a recent trendy talking point in beauty, wellness, and home-related content spheres, aromatherapy’s history as a medicinal practice has been in effect for thousands of years, and for good reason. Aromatherapy is an easily accessible therapeutic practice with a longstanding record of verifiable physiological and psychological benefits that can improve not only your personal space, but also your life.

The Impact of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils, which are made from the extracts of plant material such as flowers, herbs, peels, petals, bark, and roots. The scent comes from terpenes, which are organic compounds produced by plants and are known to have medicinal qualities.

Experts believe that aromatherapy works by activating the connection between smell receptors and certain areas of the brain that produce emotional responses, or by stimulating your hypothalamus to produce mood-elevating chemicals such as serotonin. However, research has also indicated that terpenes have the ability to directly modulate the activity of brain cells.

Essential oils have the ability to improve your life and your health in the following ways:

Reduce Stress

Stress is more than just an unpleasant psychological state, its persistent presence can lead to serious physical symptoms including high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and gastrointestinal issues, to name a few.

Stress itself can be difficult to avoid, but studies related to aromatherapy and stress have shown a reduction in the perception of stress, a decrease of the stress hormone known as cortisol, and an increase in feelings of contentment. Using aromatherapy as a self-care method of stress reduction can have a lasting physical effect on mental and physical wellness.

Improve Focus

In a world where multi-tasking is revered, focus feels like it’s in short supply when you need it. Research has shown that aromatherapy can help improve concentration, which can make your days at work or nights of studying an easier feat.

Skip the late afternoon espresso and put essential oils to work for you instead, focusing on your overall health and wellness.

Increase Energy

Physical and mental fatigue are all too common symptoms of adult life. Feeling tired can lead to less motivation and more stress, and can end up being either a cause or effect of depression.

Capture the energy you need by stimulating your brain and utilizing good science.
Feel better by making small changes to your daily routine.

Stimulate your brain and body with some movement, mindfulness, and an energizing oil blend and maximize the effects by incorporating essential oils into a daily yoga practice.

Decrease Cravings

Sugar has become a diet staple in America; between the ubiquity of high fructose corn syrup as a food ingredient and our desire for a quick and easy (but unhealthy and ultimately ineffective) pick-me-up, sugar cravings are a real and present danger.

Making healthy choices will ultimately reduce stress day-to-day.
Donut tell me what to do!

A 2011 study showed that sniffing an essential oil every two hours reduced cravings, and shockingly, led to a reduction of 2,800 calories per week. Aromatherapy is an easy addition to diet and exercise efforts.

Improve Sleep

Health and wellness sleep habits are crucial to our physical and mental well-being. There are many studies that relate to sleep quality and aromatherapy, such as this one that found a positive correlation in improved sleep and lavender oil among participants who were in the ICU. Simply spritzing your pillow or using a KININ Relax Pod could help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Get a good night's sleep by using chamomile, copaiba, and lemon essential oils in a blend.

As an enduring form of ancient medicine, aromatherapy has withstood the test of time. Its proven results, affordable availability, and many applicable uses make it an easy and impactful addition to your daily self-care routine.

Find your scent, improve your life, and be well with Kinin Wellness personal oil diffusers.

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