Work/Life Balance: Achieve the Impossible

Some days work/life balance feels about as realistic as Bigfoot. Sure, there may be people who have caught a glimpse, but the rest of us remain skeptical until we see more evidence than a few highly filtered Instagram pics.

Adulthood seems to come with an unending stream of logistical challenges that makes “having it all” seem like a myth of Herculean proportions. Between work, chores, social obligations, family, health, hobbies, and self-care, it seems like 24 hours a day just doesn’t suffice.

Switching from work mode to play mode.
Finding the right balance between your professional life and personal pursuits can be challenging.

How do you get it all done with a fixed amount of time and an abundance of responsibilities competing with actual desires? Although it’s difficult, work/life balance is possible with a shift in perspective and priorities.

Finding better balance

“Having it all” is actually a matter of perspective. We’re so heavily influenced by the media that we consume that it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of wanting to look like an Instagram influencer and live in a Pinterest-perfect home while leading a Snapchat-worthy social life and climbing to the top of your LinkedIn network’s professional ladder. But do you really want that?

A crucial component to “having it all” and achieving better work/life balance is determining what “having it all” looks like to you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like to the rest of the world.

Life is a balance beam. Be a gymnast.
Find the right balance to live a life you can love.

Living a life you can love consistently and comfortably requires mapping out your journey to get there. Consider the following and decide how you can realistically make improvements in your own world:

Ditch perfection for progress: Sometimes good enough is…good enough. Constantly chasing flawlessness is time-consuming, full of disappointment, and an almost guaranteed path to unhappiness. Taking pride in your work is important but be gentle and practical with your expected outcome — getting something accomplished, even imperfectly, is an achievement worth celebrating. Spend more time appreciating your efforts and small successes instead of criticizing your perceived failures and setbacks.

Invest in yourself: If you’re trying to save money, the key is to pay yourself first. Self-care works in a similar fashion. When you’re constantly struggling to keep up with the rat race, your own needs fall to the bottom of the list. Taking time to care for yourself is a need though; you won’t excel at work, at home, or in life if you don’t make time for your own enjoyment. Whether it’s attending a yoga class, enjoying aromatherapy, or dedicating 15 minutes a day to meditation, cultivating a healthy sense of self-worth contributes to the energy and confidence that will help you gain momentum in other areas of life, too.

Make time for self care.
Self-care isn’t a waste of time; it’s an investment.

Evaluate your schedule: We all participate in daily activities that may provide a temporary sense of satisfaction, but don’t actually add value to our overall existence. Technology has a tendency to make our lives easier, but that comes at a cost.

If the time you spend scrolling enhances your life — great. However, if it’s just a mindless distraction that you don’t truly enjoy, find a way to better prioritize your time online. Sometimes simply turning off notifications can help. Check your favorite apps and sites when you have the time and desire to do so, and not when a chime prompts you to.

Online scrolling is a time thief.
Control media consumption by turning off your notifications.

Set attainable goals: Instead of radically altering your life, identify one or two small things you could change each day to improve it. Brainstorm three things you would feel good about accomplishing each month and add those to your schedule. Give up the idea of a full life makeover, and concentrate on taking baby steps that will eventually make a difference.

Work/life balance is possible — depending on your perspective. Be honest about your priorities and abilities and dedicate reasonable steps you can take to grow into the person you would like to be.

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